Company Brief

Due to our high quality clinically tested skin care products, we are able to attain a top position of Trader, Wholesaler & Distributor of Emollients, Sunscreen, Psoriasis Care, Antiscabies, Antiviral, Immuno Supprressants, Antifungal, Antiacne, Antiallergic, Antibiotics, Melasma Care, Pigmetation Care, Hair Care, Skin Friendly pH 5.5 Soaps/Facewash/ Shampoos, etc.

We also provide healthy hair solutions to people suffering from baldness. Our range of tablets, lotions, serum, hair oil and  shampoos help in giving long and nourishing hair growth to people reliving their low morale again. We understand that skin is one of the integral part of body its degradation not only results in bad health but also in reducing self esteem of human beings. Keeping in mind its vitality, we source our products from medical specialist manufacturers who have full knowledge about skin treatments.

We have attained loyalty of numerous clients who trust our capabilities and use our wide range of dermatological tested products. These medical Antioxidants/Vitamins help skin tissues to grow and remove dead skin cells so that new cells can be formed to give lightening and glowing look to the skin. Also, our specific range of drugs like Micronised Isotretinoin, Cyclosporine, Mizolastine, Desonide, Famciclovir, Azathioprine, Voriconazole, etc., are tested in reputed medical laboratories and are manufactured as per the medical industry quality guidelines.

Why It is Crucial To Take Care Of Skin?

Skin forms largest organ of your body. It acts like a protective barrier to the human body and help in regulating body temperature. It becomes very important for us to keep our skin healthy and nourishing because apart from fighting signs of aging and various other diseases, skin is a vital concern for human appearance.

Skin diseases ignite low confidence among people which directly leads to zero morale. Hence, it is very important for all of us to take care of our skins and make it look glowing. Our range of skin specialist medicines is purely source of comfort for those who are fighting with common and rare skin problems. If you are going through bad skin and hair loss issues you can without any second thoughts use our range because it is very crucial to keep skin & hair healthy.

Following are some attractive qualities of our range that will assist you dealing skin issues:
  • Medicines and tablets are easy to swallow.
  • Our range of Antifungal, Emollients, Sunscreen , soaps, etc. are produced under the guidance of knowledgeable dermatologists.
  • Accurate natural compositions which enables to fight against acne and skin scars.

"Accepting orders above 100 pieces only."
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